How to add Midjourney bot to Your Discord server

In this article, we will try to learn about how we can add Midjourney bot to our discord server.

If you have this particular question about adding Midjourney bot to the discord server. you might know about Midjourney and its use cases

who don’t know about Midjourney

let me tell you in brief

Midjourney is an AI art generator website that will help you to generate AI images from text. You write any prompt(text) and Midjourney will generate an elegant image for you.

You can upscale and change variation in your Midjourney image and use it anywhere(social media, business, personal use)

so let’s move to our main question and find the answer step by step

How to add Midjourney bot to Your discord server

Step 1 – Join the Midjourney Discord server

Step 2 – Select a plan or start a free trial

Step 3 – Invite Midjourney Bot to your server

Step 4 – Add Midjourney bot to your server

Step 5 -Write a prompt to generate an image

add Midjourney bot to Your Discord server

Step 1 – Join Midjourney Discord Server

First you have to join the Midjourney discord server to go ahead and use the Midjourney bot.

If you had made your account in Discord, you can join the Midjourney Discord server with this link

With the above link, you can join the server and you will see a lot of options available in discord

Step 2 – Select a Midjourney plan

For using /imagine command you must have to subscribe to Midjourney. As Midjourney has paused the free trial so it is mandatory to select a plan before generating any image with Midjourney.

You can select the $10 membership to generate 200 queries which is great for beginners and testing purpose. If you like it you can move to standard plan to generate unlimited images.

Step 3 – Invite Midjourney bot to your server

First, you have to invite Midjourney bot and for this you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Midjourney Discord Server
  2. Click on any #newbies server

You will see the profile icon on the right side, click on it

Midjourney bot

Select the Midjourney bot below the team section

Midjourney Bot will open, now you have to add this bot to your server

For this, you have to make your own server inside the discord

In my case, I made the Test 1 discord server and I will add the Midjourney bot to this particular server.

After selecting your server, click on continue.

In the next option, you have to authorize after that the Midjourney bot is added to your personal discord Server.

Step 5 – Write a Prompt to generate Midjourney Image

Midjourney bot is added to your server now you can add any prompt to generate image.

All types of Midjourney commands are allowed there. You can enhance the images and change variations in your generated image.

Note – You must be the admin of the Discord server to add the Midjourney bot.

Why is there a need to add Midjourney bot?

As you know that if you generate an image in Midjourney’s official discord server. You have to scroll up if you want to upscale or change variations in your image.

And why is this so?

Because many users are generating images on the same server at the same time.

Now when you added the Midjourney bot to your discord server. You can upscale and change variations in your image in no time without scrolling up and down.

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FAQ – Adding Midjourney bot to a private discord server

Is there a way to use Midjourney privately?

Yes, you can integrate the Midjourney bot into your own private discord server and you can use Midjourney privately.

Is the Midjourney bot free?

Yes, Midjourney bot is totally free. The subscription charges is for the image generation.

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