How to buy and change Midjourney Subscription?

Do you want to change your Midjourney subscription?


Do you want to buy Fast Hours?

well you are in the right place

In this article, we will discuss How you can change your Midjourney Subscription plan

But first, before going to the main section I want to tell you how you can buy a Midjourney subscription so that navigation will be easy for you.

As you know that Midjourney halted the 25 free credits to make ai images for Free. Now everybody wants to buy the Midjourney subscription and some want to change or cancel the subscription plan.

Let’s start with buying a Midjourney subscription

How to Buy Midjourney Subscription Plan

You can buy a Midjourney subscription plan with two methods

  1. Go to the Midjourney account option –
  2. Use /subscribe command to generate your personal link

Through the Midjourney account option

Before going to any of the options first read everything in this post so that you won’t get stuck anywhere

When you go to the Midjourney account option by following this link –

you will be redirected to the Discord server.

Accept the terms and conditions and then you will be redirected to the Midjourney plans

Using /Subscribe command

Go to the Discord server and type /subscribe to any of the channels in the Midjourney Server. You will get an open Subscription button (This is your personal link don’t share with anybody)

midjourney-subscribe command

You hit the open Subscription page button and you will be redirected to the Midjourney Pricing section.

You can choose which plan suits best for you.

One more thing, you will get a 20% discount when you opt for a yearly plan rather than the monthly plan.


Choose the desired plan and click on subscribe

This is a table through which you can correlate what you are getting in which plan

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Plan Comparison

Basic PlanStandard PlanPro Plan
Monthly Subscription Cost$10$30$60
Annual Subscription Cost$96
($8 / month)
($24 / month)
($48 / month)
Fast GPU Time3.3 hr/month15 hr/month30 hr/month
Relax GPU Time
Per Month
Purchase Extra
GPU Time
Stealth ModeNoNoYes
Maximum Queue3 concurrent Jobs
10 Jobs waiting in queue
3 concurrent Jobs
10 Jobs waiting in queue
12 concurrent Fast Jobs
3 concurrent Relaxed Jobs
10 Jobs waiting in queue

well now you know the plans and you must have decided which plan you can choose out of three

Let’s see the payment process and then we move to the next topic

Payment Process

You have to click on subscribe. You will be redirected to the payment page powered by Stripe. You can do payments from all cards that are supported by Stripe.

These are the cards supported by Stripe

  • American Express
  • China UnionPay (CUP)
  • Discover & Diners
  • Eftpos Australia
  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Fill in all your details and click on subscribe. Your subscription is completed.

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How to change Midjourney subscription

Many users are stuck at this point as they didn’t find the right choice to change the Midjourney subscription

So I am here to tell you the right path so that you can change your subscription easily.

One thing to remember when you want to Upgrade/Downgrade the plan you must choose whether you want to do it right now or at the end of the current billing cycle.


If you want to upgrade immediately then the next plan will be prorated according to the usage you had done on the previous plan


Let’s suppose you are a basic subscriber and you want to subscribe for the standard plan the unused fast GPU time is credited towards your account when you upgrade the plan.


The downgrade will be initiated at the end of the current billing cycle.

Click on the manage button and you will see this image.

You can see your plan and the usage details and the next billing cycle

You can buy more fast hours(instantly generates image).

When you scroll down then you will see the downgrade and upgrade plan options like this

Select the option whichever you want – If you want to upgrade instantly your query will be sorted out immediately. if you want to downgrade your plan then you have to wait for the end of your billing cycle as I discussed above.

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How to Cancel Midjourney Subscription

There is an easy way to cancel your Midjourney Subscription

Just click on the manage Sub and you will see your current plan followed by all the details.

Click on the manage option in your plan and you will see two option Cancel Plan and manage API keys

As you can see here

Click on the cancel plan and you will be redirected to the next page where you will be asked

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Whether you want to end your plan immediately or you want to end your plan at the end of the subscription period.

Note – In the first part, you will get a refund but remember you must have used just 1% of the monthly GPU minutes.

Select one of the options and confirm cancellation. Your Plan will be canceled and you will get a refund if applicable.


What happens if I cancel the Midjourney subscription

You will get a refund when you cancel your Midjourney subscription.

Is it worth paying for Midjourney?

Yes, It’s worth it. You will get the high quality unique AI-generated images with the functionality to upscale the image.

What are fast hours in Midjourney?

Fast hours is an extra time given by Midjourney to make your image faster. There are two modes Fast mode and relax mode. Enabling fast mode gives you the number one priority for image generation

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