Midjourney tips and tricks for beginners

In this article, we are going on the journey of Midjourney Tips and Tricks for First-time users and share some tips…

Before knowing tips & tricks, Let’s see what is Midjourney.

Midjourney was created by David Holz (founder and CEO) from San Francisco, California on July 12, 2022 (Open Beta).

It is an Artificial Intelligence Project that generates imaginary & creative images from the NLP (Natural Language Processing).

We’re going to provide you a few methods that will be helpful for you. Midjourney’s latest version ( MJ Version 5 & 5.1 ) has outstanding
features and updates.

Top 4 Midjourney Tips and Tricks

Adjustment in setting (model, mode and style)

The first Midjourney tip is to select the model version as per your need, with the help of mode & style it gets specified to Midjounery Bot and gets the perfect outcome.

With the best feature quality, you can set the resolution high and base.

To change the settings hit /settings.

It will pop up the setting bar from there you can change the limits.

Clear and Creative Topic


The next Midjourney tip can seem simple, but we believe it to be extremely important.

Lots of users think to write a long story about the topic to get accurate output images but that is not the way of describing.

However, to get the right result you must stick to an individual point.
Try with some basic word prompts.
Check the outcome, customize & change concepts to be more specific.

For a better understanding of the model, you need to invest some time and explore new things. Sometimes as per your prompt, it doesn’t show the results.

Propmt Generation

Another tip is for the effective prompt to obtain exactly what you want!!…

Many users are facing issues because they can’t describe their ideas and sometimes can’t find the perfect word.

The Midjounery Bot doesn’t understand the human language of Emotion or Feeling but with the help of Prompt Generator, it is possible to express emotions in images.

There few Image Prompt Generator:

1. Promptomania 

2. MidJourney Prompt Helper 

3. Midjourney prompt generator 

4. Chatx Prompt Generator  

5.MidJourney Random Commands Generator 
You can also use ChatGPT and its alternatives for Prompt Generating.

Prompt Codes and Tags

If you use simple words to show the creative outcome, it can show less accuracy in the Image.

But you can use keywords and tags to make it extremely beautiful, realistic and stunning.

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your prompt writing for creating unique and crazy images. There are some Parameters that can make ideas to the next level. 

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Before writing parameter tags we should clear first how to use them or what is the syntax, it is really easy to use.

Write you’re prompt first, then use the double hyphen (–) and lastly add parameter tags.

These are some of the parameter tags which you have to keep in mind while adding prompt in Midjourney

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Aspect Ratios

Aspect Ratios are the relativity of the height and width of the image.

To assign an aspect ratio to an image use (–aspect) or (–ar).

The most common Midjourney Ratios are:
(–aspect 1:1)
(–aspect 5:4)
(–aspect 3:2)
(–aspect 7:4).

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Chaos is the parameter that combines two different values and gives one result.

You can set the value of the image between 0-100.

To use chaos to image use (–chaos) or (–c).

For example,

/imagine prompt watermelon owl hybrid –c 66


Midjourney quality

Quality is used to set the resolution of the images and it takes some time to execute.

Also, you can set the quality of the image from settings to;
half quality,

basic quality and

High quality with (2x cost).


Midjourney Stylize

Stylize is the next-level tag that makes your idea accurate and fantastic.

Version 5 and 4 have a 100 value as the default,

Version 3 has a 2500 value as the default and

Version 5 and 4 range is maximum 1000 & other versions can go up to 60000.

To define stylize tag use (–stylize) or (–s).

For example,
(–s 290).

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Midjourney Version

Midjourney has been the most used AI Image Generator that uses really great NLP language also known as ‘prompt’.

It is efficient with zero risk of copyright, reduces error, is always operatable, and is less time-consuming.

Midjourney gives access to all their Versions like :

Version 1,Version 2, Version 3, Version 4 , Niji Version 4, Version 5, Version 5.1 and Niji Version 5.

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