What Does U1 Mean in Midjourney?

U Means Upscaling of an Image in Midjourney. When you write a prompt to generate an image from Midjourney, you will get a high quality image but sometimes you want to upscale it and make it somewhat better. You use the U function given in Midjourney.

Let’s dive deep and learn what is U1, U2, U3, and U4

How to create an image in Midjourney?

You have to go to the Midjourney’s discord server http://discord.gg/midjourney and join this server

You will get a newbie section on the left side of your discord server. Go to the newbie section and type the command given below

It’ ‘s all about command, if you know the right commands to use in Midjourney you can generate professional images and use them in your work/business anything

So let’s see what is a command available to generate the high quality image from Midjourney

Using /imagine Command

/imagine command gives you the facility to generate high-quality images by writing some description or prompt.

so the main question is how we can do it.

I am going to explain it to you in simple steps

midjorney imagine command
  • Type¬†/imagine prompt:
  • You can select a /imagine command from the popup and write a description of what you want to generate.
  • Hit enter

Note – A single-line description works best to generate high-quality art in Midjourney.

After you send a message, it will take almost 1 minute to generate your preferred image

Now comes the best part, why we are here

What are U and V in Midjourney

U means Upscaling and V means Variations.

If you want to upscale your image and get a more clear and high-quality image select the U buttons

like the U Button, there is a V button which means variations. You know that Midjourney creates 4 images in a grid but if you don’t like one of them or you like one out of four what you can do is click on the variation and change the image.

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What does the U1 button Mean?

The U1 button means upscaling the first image in a grid.

You know that Midjourney creates 4 images in a grid and if you want to upscale it into more detail. You can select the U1, U2,U3 and U4 depending upon which image you want to upscale.

midjourney u1 button

Let’s suppose you want to upscale the last image, you can select U4 and your last image will be upgraded. Basically what Upscaler do is create a more detailed image from the previous one.

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Upscaling is not free

You read it right. Upscaling is not free. You have to pay GPU subscription minutes in order to upscale your image to more high quality. So my recommendation is to use this feature when you require a high-quality image like 1024×1024 or 2048×2048.

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The main question is upto how much quality we can upscale our image

so let’s understand this from the table given below

Model VersionStarting Grid Images SizeModel Version 4 Default Upscaler
Version 51024×1024
Version 4512×5121024×1024
niji 51024×1024
niji 4512×5121024×1024

As you clearly see that latest version 5 can create a standard image size of 1024×1024. You won’t need to upscale your image. But if you are on version 4 you can generate the standard image size of 512×512 and if you want to upscale your image you can upscale to 1024×1024 in the default Upscaler and if you want upscale into the more high-quality image you can go for beta upscale which can convert your image to 2048×2048.

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As you read all this about U1 buttons in Midjourney. So U1 button is used for upscaling your first image and this follows for U2, U3 and U4 similarly. Before upscaling your images you must understand that it’s not free and if you need more clear and high quality image go for upscaling.

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