Midjourney Promo Code: Everything to know

When it comes to the modern creation to generate a top-quality image, only one thing that comes to mind is AI Image Generators which help to create extremely detailed images.

The most advanced AI Image Generator is Midjourney present right now.

Well, there are lots of AI Image Generators in spite of Midjourney but it is one of the fantastic AI Image Generator text-to-art on the Discord server.

we are going to talk about the Midjourney Promo code. So Let’s see what we have for you

As you know Midjourney is a great tool for all the art-loving people. It provides users with the top notch art by writing some useful prompt.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with the pricing plans & trials and increase the benefits of subscription, and Showcase. You can save money on the annual subscription plan.

Midjourney Promo Code (No Coupon Code)

As of now, there is no promo code available for Midjourney users because of various reasons. we will list some of the reasons why the Midjourney team withdrew the free trial and promo code feature.

On April 2023 Update: The Free Trial for Midjourney is currently paused.

As you know Midjourney has provided a first free trial in the last few months.

Each new Midjourney account contains a 25-minute free trial.

After exiting the new account free trial, you can’t use the tool but you can buy the monthly and yearly Subscription Plans.

Midjourney Subscription Plans

Midjourney subscription plans

Midjourney has three membership plans. Pay on a monthly basis or yearly with a 20% discount.

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Basic Plan

Monthly Subscription – $10 and Annual Subscription – $96 ($8/month). In this plan, the user generates 200 images through Midjourney which is a great start to experiment with this awesome art generator.

Standard Plan

Monthly Subscription – $30 and Annual Subscription – $288($24/month).

Pro Plan

Monthly Subscription – $60 and Annual Subscription – $576 ($48/monthly).

The Midjourney serves free 25 image creation which means 100 images simply because it generates in 4 by 4 format.

It would be preferable to make an annual plan if it were really important right now.

There isn’t actually a promo code available right now but still, you can profitably purchase annual plans and save 20%.

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I am showing you one of the arts our team has generated with Midjourney.

Midjourney art

Midjourney Prompt

Dancing Peacock, Psychedelic colored feathers, full body, ultra detail –u 120.

Midjourney Community Showcase

community showcase Midjourney

Midjourney also has a library of their best top-generated outputs in Showcase and which is usable with copy-right free.

Midjourney is one of the best AI Image Generators that help to generate plenty of images in a few clicks.

We will inform you of all special discount coupons with this of it you can take advantage of massive savings, increasing both the availability and affordability of this effective tool.

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Is Midjourney really offer promo codes?

A month ago some promo codes were working.

We totally have an eye on their social media accounts to stay updated with promotional codes.

Users still have the best deal with the annual plan of up to 20% off.

FaQs – Midjourney Promo Code

Does Midjourney Offer a Free Trial?

No, Midjourney doesn’t these days give its services away for free.

Why did Midjourney stop its free trial?

Cause the users were making inappropriate images of Pope Francis and Donald Trump. Also, a lot of new accounts were being created by users for free trial usage.

How do I apply a promo code on Midjourney?

Firstly go to Midjourney’s discord and type /subscribe on the prompt bar. Click on “Open subscription page”. Select the suitable subscription plan, in the upper section click on “Add code” and apply the code.

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