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One of The Best Search Engine for Movie and TV Show Clips.

If you like movies and TV series, you have definitely spent time looking for the right clip to represent your feelings, responses, or memes. Nevertheless, discovering those clips may be time-consuming and unpleasant, especially if you’re scrolling through extended recordings. That’s where comes in. is a search engine that allows you to locate and share short, looping video snippets from your favorite movies and TV series.

In this article, we’ll look at how works, who invented it, its benefits, and how you may utilize it effectively
The ability to search for particular words or phrases and discover similar clips is one of the core features of

When looking for a certain scene or statement from a film or TV program, this might be quite helpful.’s capacity to design unique “yarns” is yet another helpful function.

By choosing videos from the website and combining them into a single film, users may make their own yarns.

Beer's fear, man! Twenty-four, seven!

With this method, you may have fun making unique material for social media or sharing it with your loved ones. offers a number of categories in addition to its search and custom yarn options to assist users in finding clips that are relevant to particular subjects or genres. Users can browse videos pertaining to politics, music, or sports, for instance.

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Anybody wishing to locate and exchange brief video snippets will find to be a fun and user-friendly website. Its large collection of clips and powerful search capabilities make it a useful tool for anybody wishing to recreate their favorite scenes from motion pictures and television series or to produce original material.

Get the ideal clip for any circumstance with ease with’s intuitive search bar and large clip collection. allows you to skip directly to the interesting parts of videos rather than trawling through lengthy ones to get the one you need. Sharing on social media is made easy with quick, looping video clips. Finding the ideal clip for your post is simple with

It’s simple to locate clips from your favorite media on because of its large collection of clips from well-known films and TV series.

How Does Work?

It’s really simple to utilize Entering keywords into the search box will allow you to find a specific clip. You can also explore the collection of top TV series, movies, and other categories. After you find the video you can use, you can either copy the Link or share it right away on social media. review

The large library of clips on is one of its finest features. The website includes a significant library of popular film and television clips, including both vintage productions like The Godfather and contemporary series like The Office.

You may discover the ideal clip for every circumstance from the wide selection of available clips.’s Chrome plugin is a wonderful additional function. You may instantly search for and share clips from inside your browser after the extension is installed without having to go to the website.

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It is now considerably simpler to search and share videos on social media or in chat sessions as a result.

is safe?

yes, is totally safe to use. To understand it more clearly you have to see the functioning of the website.

what you do is, just type a word or phrase from your favorite Movie or TV and you will get a lot of scenes that are related to the word you typed.

You can share it on your social media or with your friends.

The most important thing is you can make a meme out of that clip by adding some words at the top and bottom.

These are all things you can do without any registration on the website. So I don’t think there is any threat to using this awesome website.

Who Is the Owner of

David McIntosh, a previous software developer at Amazon and Microsoft, founded

McIntosh developed the concept while working on another firm that aimed to enhance how consumers search for films online. He changed course and founded after concluding that there was no simple method to search and distribute brief video snippets.

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When McIntosh created in 2016, movie and TV show enthusiasts took notice of it right away. Millions of people use the website now, and it is largely recognized as the best search engine for short videos.

Similar websites like

There are some websites that are very similar to These websites are and These websites help you to generate your favorite clips in just a fraction of a second.


For anybody who enjoys watching movies and TV shows, is a fun and practical tool.

It’s the ideal method to locate and share short video clips for every occasion thanks to its huge library of clips and simple search interface. makes it simple and enjoyable to express feelings, respond to posts, or just share memes.

FAQs –

what is is a website to share brief video snippets, often known as “yarns,” from movies, TV shows, and other sources. Users may browse or search through the enormous number of clips to discover the one that best suits their needs.

Similar website like and are similar to

Is it free to use

Indeed, is completely free. Without having to pay a charge or sign up for a membership, users may search for and share clips.

How can I do a clip search?

Simply type a word or phrase into the search bar on the homepage of to find a clip. By choosing particular categories, such as movies, TV series, or genres. You may share a video clip you enjoy via social media or messaging services after you’ve found it

Can I use the videos on legally?

Yes, it is permissible to use the videos on for personal and non-commercial reasons because they are derived from reliable sources. Users should be aware that some videos may be subject to copyright limitations and that doing so may need obtaining permission or licensing from the copyright holder before utilizing the video for commercial or public purposes.

Is it possible to post my own Videos to

On, you cannot post your own videos. Only clips already in the site’s library can be searched for and shared by users.

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