Chord AI App Review

Chord AI App Review

Want to learn music then this AI app is your new friend – we are providing an in-depth Chord AI app review for you. Learn music at your own pace

As music lovers, we always looking for creative tools to enhance the creativity related to music. And if you’re someone who composes, produces, and plays music for passion then you might hear of the Chord AI app which is extremely helpful for you

What is Chord AI?

Chord AI is a mobile app to make music. This app was designed by Musicians and Song Producers to improve chords in their music.

Chord AI uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to create chords based on the musical style, genre, and keys. With the Chord AI, you can easily come up with unique chord arrangements, experiment with different chords, and find fresh inspiration in your music.

Chord AI is developed by a team of educated musicians, and software engineers of Nomad AI OU with a mission of beautiful change in Music Creation with AI Technology.

Chord AI is developed by the collaboration with Guillaume Bellec who is Postdoctoral Researcher at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland.

Chord AI is first built on iOS, it was released in August 2019. After the successfully developed on iOS, they release an Android Version in April 2020.

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Chord AI’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to generate chords in just a few Clicks.

Many kinds of music are supported by Chord AI like pop, rock, jazz, electronic, classical, and much more.

How to use Chord AI?

Chord AI is available in Play Store(Android) and App Store(iOS).
First download the Chord AI, then select the musical style that best fits your music.

You can specify the key and tempo in your chord. It supports various Keys and Tempos to customize in your chords.

After done with the Customization, Press the ” ⋮ ” and export the music and share the link or download it.
You can Export the structure of the music in PDF.

Download the Chord ai Android app

Download the Chord AI IOS app


Your ability to create music will be greatly improved by the simple Chord AI tool.
Musicians and producers are excited to experiment with new rhythms and chords that find limitless inspiration in AI-powered chord creation features.

FAQ – Chord AI app Review

Is an internet connection necessary for Chord AI to function?

No, Generating chords using Chord AI does not require an internet connection. The software may be used offline without an internet connection after being downloaded and installed on your device.

Is Chord AI suitable for beginners?

Chord AI is appropriate for musicians of all skill levels, including beginners, as it is simple to use and intuitive. Those who may be unfamiliar with music theory or composition can utilize it because of the straightforward interface it offers for producing chords.

Is Chord AI compatible with different devices and platforms?

Yes, Chord AI can be used in iOS and Android apps. This app is accessible on your Phone or Tablet. For Installing in Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store).

Does Chord AI have a free version?

There are both free and paid versions of Chord AI. The subscription edition offers more functionality than the free version, including access to all musical styles, infinite chord creation, and sophisticated editing tools. A subscription plan is required to access the premium version.

Can Chord AI help me with learning music theory?

Yes, Chord AI may be a useful learning tool for comprehending and putting principles from music theory into practice. Users may become familiar with the fundamentals of music theory and utilize them in their creations by using Chord AI, which creates chords based on various scales, modes, and chord progressions.

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