Top 10 AI Music Generators in 2023

Music has been always a powerful form of expressing our emotions and inspires our creativity.

Whether you’re a professional musician, your hobby, or simply enjoy listening to music, you can have believed in the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in music formation.

Can AI really can generate Music?
The answer is Yes! All thanks to progress in AI Technology, we now have AI Music Generator that is changing music creation for both musicians and music fans to expand their creative possibilities.

In this article, we are going to drive the spaceship of the melody to AI Music Generation.

What are AI Music Generators?

AI music generators are software or systems that use ML (Machine Learning) methods and AI Technology to produce music.

These methods are trained on huge amounts of musical data, like melodies, rhythms, and other musical elements to learn and understand the pattern or structure of music.

AI Music Generators work on AI(Artificial Intelligence) and ML(Machine Learning) methods to examine and process large amounts of musical data.
That includes Sound(tone, pitch, etc), Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Texture, and Structure. Also the characteristic of different styles, and moods of music.

You will love these ai music generators

Top 10 Best AI Music Generators


Magenta is an Open-Source interface made by using Machine Learning Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to enable Music Generation.

Magenta provides the tools and models for music formation, including melody generation, drum patterns, chord movements, and more.

Magenta is the Project developed by Google’s Magenta team, the Artificial Intelligence research division of Google.

The Magenta team is made up of a group of researchers, engineers, and musicians who are excited to discover how AI can improve creativity and music production.

Magenta was introduced by the Google Magenta team in 2016. And it is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Amper Music

Amper Music is an AI Music Generation platform that uses AI algorithms to enable music melody.

It provides a user-friendly interface that supports musicians, composers, and music creators to generate or custom music tracks for various projects, like films, videos, games, and more things.

Amper Music also has there own library of pre-built music styles, instruments, and moods that can be customized as users needed to produce Music.

Amper Music is developed by a team of experienced musicians and technologists, These Company was founded by Drew Silverstein (CEO, Entrepreneur, and Advisor) from New York, Sam Estes (Software Producer, AI, Product Developer, Start-up Founder, Sound Designer and many more) from Los Angeles, and Michael Hobe (Co-Founder) LA, California.

Amper Music was founded in 2014 and it was launched in the next year(2015).

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Voicemod is a Text-to-Song tool that Generates AI Songs by using Artificial Intelligence. Users type any text, and the Tool will use the ML to generate music based on the tone and text.

These services are provided for Content Creation for Social Media Influencers, Creators and other users for their projects.

It was created in 2014 by the Three Brothers Jaime Bosch, Fernando Bosch and Juan Bosch.

Jaime Bosch (Co-founder & CEO), Fernando Bosch (Co-Founder | Tech Lead at Voicemod Experience & Innovation) and Juan Bosch
(Co-Founder | of Voicemod Experience & Innovation Management) for Valencia, Spain.

Voicemod is compatible with Windows and MacOS. Voicemod can use mods of Voice in other systems & games like Discord, OBS, PUBG, CSGO, GTA and Valorant, etc.

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AIVA is an AI-powered Music Generator that uses AI technology to produce music. AIVA stands for Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist.

This system was made to provide high-quality, free music for different applications like films, video games soundtracks and other media projects.

AIVA use Ml Technology to examine and generate music based on the style, structure and characteristics of the examined music.

AIVA was started by a startup of a Luxembourg-based team called AIVA Technologies. The Company was launched in 2016 by a Luxembourg Team of 15 people.

1. Pierre Barreau (CEO)
2. Vincent Barreau (COO, Co-founder)
3. Denis Stefan (CTO, Co-founder)
4. Olivier Hecho (Artistic Director)
5. Ashkhen Zakharyan (Customer Development)
6. Bradley Frey (Music Supervisor)
7. Chien-Hung Liu (Research & Development Engineer)
8. Sebastian Garcia (Research & Development Engineer)
9. Halil Erdogan (Research & Development Engineer)
10. Torsten Anders (Research & Development Engineer)
11. Niclas Kiefer (Software Engineer)
12. Alexander Sigman (Research & Development Engineer)
13. George Naimeh (Music Supervisor & Software Engineer)
14. Howard Ouyang (Music Supervisor)
15. Jor van der Poel (Music Supervisor)
AIVA is adaptable to systems on any device like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Dungeons and dragons ai art generator

Ecrett Music is a software company that is an expert to create AI Music Generator.

The goal of is to help musicians and other music professionals generate original music quickly and easily create great-quality music. has a simple and easy UI and is free. was founded by a team of AI experts and music industry professionals.

The company was Established on Feb 12, 2020.

The company of the CEO is Daigo Kusunoki located in Surbiton, England.

They have taken Permanent Licenses for all Creatives like Video Content (Social Media, YouTube, TV, Movies, etc), Audio Content (Podcasts, Audio books, Radio, etc) and other content (Games, Apps and Events).

Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an AI music compositing tool that makes users generate high and original-quality music easily and quickly.

This interface provides users with customizable music of their choice and feels.

This tool is useful for musicians and Music Producers who need high-quality music for their projects.

It also has Pre-made templates and can customize as suitable to your project.

They have a free trial for 14 days and a Premium for a Monthly Subscription of $9.99 (816₹). And it is only available on AppStore.

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AI music generator is a fast, better and cheap way to generate as compared to the traditional way.

It allows to compose music content in four steps:
1. Pick the style
2. Make a change
3. Choose feel and mood
4. Hit Compose

They have a variety of video creators: YouTube Creators, Podcast Creators, Game Music Creators, etc. featured with Billboard, Hindustan Times, The Times Of India and many more. The team of musicians, designers and AI & ML Engineers.

The Co-Founders are Mansoor Rahimat Khan and Siddharth Bhardwaj, Lead Software Engineer is Ashish Dubey, Harsh Patel is AI/ML Developer and many more workers stand the is a digital music service that uses AI to produce music that increases focus, relaxation and good sleep. has given service to people that claim they can cure anxiety, ADHD problems, and other disorders that affect concentration.

These music generators use a combination of Machine Learning and Neuro-Science methods. They have a Pre-made library of tracks in a specific way that builds up our Productivity.

The was started in 2014 by a group of 9 people that are technologists, music professionals and scientists with 4 supporters.
Daniel Clark is the CEO of, Kevin JP Woods (Director Of Science), Conor Mackey (Lead Of Music Experience), Derek Dunivan (Composer), Benjamin Masanga (Lead of Product), Daniel Phillips (Lead of Engineering), Senior Full Stack Engineers – Ziyo
Shamsiddini & Eugene Yasinov, Jessica Sijan (Operation Admin) and Psyche Loui (Professor Of Music & NeuroScience ). is featured with Engadget, Forbes, Vice and NBC News. is provided with Monthly($6.99/month) and Yearly($49.99/year) subscriptions. is a scientifically proven AI Music Generator. It is available in App Store and Google Play.


Boomy is a supplier of music services to users for creating original and copyright-free music.

Boomy has gained popularity in recent years, it allows users to input certain characteristics, like Tempo, Melody, Rhythm, Texture and Mood by using ML to generate music.

Users can also download the music and uses in your projects, without worrying about copyright issues.

It has a beautiful and attractive interface. The Boomy AI Music Generator was founded on October 25th, 2018 by Alex Mitchell and a team of Boomy.

Alex Mitchell (The Founder & CEO of Boomy, from Berkeley, California) and Matthew Cohen Santorelli (the Founder & COO of Boomy from New York, United States).

Boomy has been featured for BBC News, Protocol, Consequence, TechCrunch and many more. Boomy users have created songs over 14M+.


Soundful is an AI-designed Music Composition application that uses Algorithms of AI and ML that helps to create different and fabulous music tracks.

Soundful is a really simple and friendly user interface. It allows users to choose multiple variables of Music such as tempo, genre and mood or feel. Feel free to use it without copyright issues and very easy to download & share.

Soundful was Established in 2021 by Diaa El All from San Diego, California. It is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Soundful has 3 types of subscription plans Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

Standard is used for Personal Projects with 10 tracks downloads per month, Premium is used for Commercial Use with a Monthly Subscription of $7.42/PER MONTH (with Unlimited tracks downloads)and Enterprise with Custom Pricing.

It Produces .mp3/.wav audio files.

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