10 Best AI Chrome Extension

Best AI Chrome Extension

Bearly.ai Chrome Extension

Let me introduce you to Bearly AI, a cutting-edge AI helper that makes generating content simple and stress-free!

Bearly AI enables you to produce original writing, graphics, copy, revisions, and more.

No matter if you’re a person or a business owner, it’s the ideal tool for anybody wishing to produce interesting and distinctive content. You can quickly and simply produce content with Bearly AI because of its user-friendly UI.

To assist you in coming up with fresh ideas and creating content that stands out from the competition, it makes use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Bearly AI can assist you whether you need assistance with copywriting or graphic design.


1. By utilizing its cutting-edge AI capabilities, Bearly AI is a fantastic tool that may assist you in producing exceptional content.
2. Alternatively, you may get enlightening advice and recommendations to assist you to come up with your own.
3. You can decide to develop complete pieces of material entirely from scratch.
4. To make your present material even better, Bearly AI can assist you in editing and improving it.
5. Bearly AI is the ideal tool for everyone, whether you’re a company owner or just trying to discover your creative side.

best AI chrome Extension

Perplexity.ai chrome extension

Users may employ artificial intelligence to create writing with the aid of the Perplexity Ask AI Chrome addon. If you’re having trouble thinking of topics or methods to convey your views in writing, you may use this extension to produce recommendations based on the information you supply. This plugin will help you come up with ideas and language for your blog or social media posts depending on your chosen topic or keyword(s). By producing text questions and receiving feedback from AI-generated replies, you may use this plugin to practice writing if you’re learning a foreign language. This plugin will provide ideas and suggestions depending on your subject or keywords if you are using it to create ideas for a project or presentation. Using your input, the Perplexity Ask AI Chrome extension may be used as a writing helper and a tool to produce content. It can be especially helpful for those who create material, are learning a new language, or need inspiration or aid with their writing.


It is like a combination of Google and ChatGPT. There are lots of features of the Perplexity.ai extension :
1. In order to produce text from the input you supply, the extension makes use of cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) methods and machine learning models.
2. By inputting words, phrases, or subjects pertinent to your writing, you may alter the prompts to meet your particular needs.
3. English, Spanish, French, German, and other languages are among those that the extension supports.
4. To help you hone and enhance your writing, the plugin offers comments and recommendations based on the material that the AI created.
5. Even individuals without technical knowledge may easily utilize the addon because of its straightforward and user-friendly design, it is entirely free anyone can use it.

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Otter.ai Chrome extension

A transcription tool that can produce real-time transcriptions of audio and video recordings is the Otter.ai Chrome addon. You may use the Otter.ai addon to take notes during online meetings and webinars and to record the session’s material in real-time. Utilize the Otter.ai addon to have the information automatically transcribed if you have audio or video recordings that need to be transcribed. This can save you time and effort compared to transcribing manually. Additionally, people who are hard of hearing or deaf can benefit from increased accessibility thanks to the Otter.ai extension. The extension’s transcriptions can be used to create subtitles for films or real-time events.
The Otter.ai extension also allows you to share your transcriptions with others’ notes.


1. The addon makes it simple to record the content of live events or meetings by producing immediate transcriptions of audio and video recordings.
2. To reliably and precisely transcribe audio and video footage, the plugin makes use of cutting-edge machine learning methods.
3. You can modify and mark your transcriptions using the plugin, making it simple to pick out significant details or crucial information.
4. You can search and analyze your transcriptions using the plugin, making it simple to locate certain details or ideas hidden in your recordings.
5. A variety of different technologies, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zoom, are integrated with the extension.
6. For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, the extension has the ability to provide subtitles for movies or live events.

Seamless.ai Chrome extension

You may collect contact information, improve data, and create prospect lists with the aid of the Seamless AI Chrome extension, which is a sales intelligence tool.

Use the Seamless AI addon to identify fresh leads and create prospect lists if you work in sales or business development. You may use the extension to locate decision-makers contact details at businesses in your target market.

By supplementing your current customer database with missing or insufficient data, the Seamless AI extension may help you better understand your consumers and personalize your conversations.
Potential clients’ email addresses and other contact information may be found with the Seamless AI plugin, making it simpler to get in touch with them through tailored email outreach campaigns. By giving you details on the important decision-makers and workers at rival organizations, the Seamless AI addon may aid in your competition analysis.

By giving you insights into the firm size, industry, revenue, and other pertinent parameters, the Seamless AI addon gives sales intelligence, and this knowledge is useful to understand your goals by targeting markets.


1. The extension can locate contact information for company decision- makers and employees, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts.
2. AI’s Chrome Extension works directly in your Salesforce CRM, allowing you to explore and add new contacts, expand your existing dataset, and automate list construction in seconds.
3. The plugin can assist you in doing competition analysis by giving you details on the important decision-makers and workers at similar organisations.
4. Seamless.AI lightning-fast Chrome plugin is compatible with any website, including LinkedIn.

Adept.ai Chrome Extension

You may enhance the caliber of your writing by using the Adept AI Chrome plugin, an AI-powered writing assistance.

Use the Adept AI addon if you’re a writer, blogger, or content marketer to raise the caliber of your work. Using the addon will make it simpler for you to create material of a high caliber by offering grammatical, spelling, and style suggestions.

You may use the Adept AI addon to make your email communications more concise and expert. Research papers, articles, and dissertations may all be made better with the Adept AI plugin. Your social media postings may be made better by using the Adept AI addon. It is an essential tool for everyone who wishes to create high-quality material because of its extensive writing aid capabilities.


1. Subject-verb agreement, tense, and punctuation issues, among others, may be found and fixed using the addon.
2. Your work may contain common misspelt terms, which the addon may help you spot and fix.
3. By offering style recommendations for sentence structure, word choice, and tone, the plugin can add you in improving the readability and clarity of your writing.
4. By locating related internet information, the application can assist you in avoiding accidental plagiarism.
5. It is more precise and productive than conventional writing tools since the extension makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer writing recommendations.
6. The extension makes using it across numerous platforms simple by integrating with a variety of other programs, such as Google Docs and Gmail.

Bunch.ai Chrome Extension

The Bunch AI Chrome extension is a productivity tool driven by AI that may assist you in improved time management and work focus. Use the Bunch AI plugin to stay focused and on-task if time management is a problem for you.

The add-on can aid in goal-setting, task prioritization, and distraction-blocking. By recommending the most crucial things to work on based on your objectives and deadlines, the Bunch AI plugin can help you increase your productivity.

By banning obtrusive websites and applications during predetermined times, the plugin can help you focus on your job by preventing you from being distracted. By recommending pauses, keeping you hydrated, and proposing mindfulness activities, the extension may aid you in improving your self-care. By proposing stress-relieving activities and reminding you to take care of your emotional well-being, the Bunch AI extension may assist you in managing your mental health.


1. You may establish objectives and deadlines using the addon, and based on those objectives, it suggests the most crucial things to concentrate on.
2. You can monitor how much time you spend on various tasks thanks to the extension, which makes it simpler to see areas where your productivity can be improved.
3. To help you focus on your job, the plugin lets you block distracting websites and applications during particular times.
4. The plugin offers tips for stress reduction and mental-health-improving exercises that promote mindfulness.
5. The plugin makes tailored recommendations to increase your productivity and well-being using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Nudge.ai Chrome Extension

Your email communication and productivity may be increased with the Nudge AI Chrome extension, an email helper powered by AI.If you have trouble creating compelling emails, you may use the Nudge AI addon to assist you. Your emails may benefit from editing for grammar and spelling, changing the tone, and improving the subject line, according to the plugin.

You can keep track of crucial emails that need to be followed up on with the Nudge AI addon. The extension will notify you when it’s appropriate to send follow-up emails. To help you prevent lost chances and enhance your communication, the extension can prompt you to reply to critical emails that you might have overlooked.

The extension can assist you in more successfully managing your contacts, including adding notes and reminders to certain individuals. For everyone who wishes to send better emails, manage their mailbox, and enhance their communication skills, this program is a need due to its sophisticated features.


1. The plugin makes suggestions for editing your emails using AI, including subject line optimization, tone modifications, and grammatical and spelling repairs.
2. The extension can help you keep on top of your inbox and increase productivity by prompting you to send follow-up emails at the appropriate times.
3. The add-on offers analysis and insights on your email correspondence, including open and response rates.
4. By adding notes and reminders to certain contacts, the extension enables you to manage your connections more efficiently.
5. It is simple to handle all of your email correspondence from one location when using the plugin, which may be utilised with various email accounts.

Compose.ai Chrome Extension

The plugin may provide suggestions for editing your work, such as grammar and spelling changes, tone modifications, and sentence restructuring.You can simply and rapidly produce high-quality content with the Compose AI plugin. Depending on your input, the plugin can produce entire paragraphs or articles, propose subject ideas, and provide research data.

By offering suggestions on how to streamline your work and eliminate distractions, the Compose AI plugin can help you be more productive.The Compose AI plugin encourages you to compose better emails by offering advice on subject lines and tone. You can quickly and simply generate interesting social media posts with the Compose AI addon. Based on your input, the plugin may produce whole posts, recommend hashtags, and offer content ideas. A must-have tool for everyone who wishes to produce high-quality material and be more productive due to its sophisticated capabilities.


1. With the use of artificial intelligence, the Compose AI plugin may make tailored suggestions to help you write better, such as grammar and spelling improvements, tone changes, and phrase rephrasing.
2. Based on your input, it may produce entire paragraphs or articles as well as research ideas and subject suggestions.
3. It may produce whole posts, hashtag suggestions, and even content ideas.
4. The addon includes an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to operate.

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ContactOut AI Chrome extension

A useful tool for finding and contacting people on social media and other platforms is the ContactOut AI Chrome extension. The ContactOut AI extension can be used to locate contact details for people on social media and other platforms if you want to grow your network or find new business leads. The extension can assist you in locating potential customers and establishing direct contact with them.

The extension can assist you in locating top talent and contacting them directly if you are a recruiter or hiring manager. If you work in sales, the extension can assist you in finding potential customers and reaching out to them directly to present your goods or services. The extension might assist you in developing ties with other experts in your field and broadening your network.


1. On websites like LinkedIn, GitHub, and others, the plugin can look up user email addresses and phone numbers.
2. The extension might have access to users’ contact details from their LinkedIn profiles because of its integration with LinkedIn.
3. The plugin uses artificial intelligence to locate people’s contact information, making it more precise and effective than manual searches.
4. You can send emails right from the extension thanks to the built-in email sender that is available.
5. To find the connections that are most pertinent to you, use the extension’s custom search options, which include keywords, job titles, and location.

Beautiful.ai Chrome Extension

You may produce spectacular presentations for work or school with the assistance of the Beautiful.ai Chrome addon. The plugin comes with a number of editable templates that make it simple to construct presentations.

You may make visually stunning and informative sales presentations with the aid of the Beautiful.ai Chrome addon. You may quickly put up a polished deck using the extension’s templates, which are created especially for sales presentations.

The plugin comes with templates made especially for marketing presentations, allowing you to make a presentation that looks polished and promotes your good or service. You may produce a report that looks excellent and is simple to read by using the extension’s templates, which are made especially for reports.


1. The plugin comes with a large selection of editable templates and is intended to help users quickly and simply build presentations with a professional appearance.
2. Artificial intelligence is used by Beautiful.ai to automatically apply design principles after analyzing your material to produce aesthetically outstanding presentations.
3. By enabling real-time collaboration, the addon makes it simple to work on a group project with coworkers or students.
4. Even for people with little or no design knowledge, the extension’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to use and navigate.
5. File import and export are made simple by Beautiful.ai’s integration with a number of different programs, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.
6. You can view and change your presentations while on the road using the mobile app from Beautiful.ai. anyone who wants to produce professional-looking presentations for business, education, or personal use should have this application because of AI-powered design and real-time collaboration.

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