Best Alternatives: Remove Vocals from any song

Today we are going to discuss the alternatives.

But first, we have to know about the

What is is an audio tool used to provide some common functionalities like merging, splitting, and remaking your audio files.

This ai audio tool works with the help of Artificial intelligence and the deep learning framework TensorFlow.

You can cut the audio in time intervals and can convert the audio into WAV, MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc.

you know that if any video, movie, or Television Audio is not good then the whole visual representation can not be understood and people don’t engage with that content.

If your audio is Top notch then people will love, engage and share your content with their loved ones.

So, Audio is very important for this matter we have some ai audio tools that can change your audio into good quality and you can extract certain parts of your audio and use it somewhere else.

Top 5 alternatives

We have some of the best alternatives which you can try once

  • Spleeter
  • Vocal Remover
  • Vocal Zap

We will start one by one and will see which suits you the best

This is an awesome audio app used by most the people can extract audio from any audio or video and you can use the audio anywhere. With the use of AI and Deep learning technology you can extract the beats of various instruments like drums, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and synthesizer without any loss in audio quality. has an API and a desktop app through which you can use this tool more efficiently.

The mobile app and plugin are under process, you can use these tools in the future. Pricing

Starter(Free)Lite PackPlus Pack
Number of Minutes10 Minutes90 Minutes300 Minutes
Upload size limit per file50MB2GB2GB
Batch UploadNoYesYes
Stem UploadNoYesYes
fast processing queueNo YesYes
Input/Output FormatsAudio and Video:
Audio and Video:
Audio and Video:
Price$0$15(One time fee)$30(One time fee)

Extract and Remove Vocal and Instrumental beats

  • High Quality stem splitting
  • Vocal Remover and music source separation service
  • Easy to use


Spleeter is an AI tool to separate vocals from audio files. It is made with TensorFlow (python library used to develop deep learning applications). This tool is developed by Deezer.

let’s see how spleeter helps you to separate music

  • Restore Audio and remaster it and use it anywhere
  • Remove the instrument track from any song
  • Extract the voice from any song and use it as a subtitle(Best thing)

Spleeter pricing

spleeter is free and open source.

This AI tool is made with TensorFlow and is easily available on Github.

Also Read – Fireflies Ai Alternative is an AI music tool that separates voice from any song. It is also developed by Deezer.

This tool gives a lot of functionality to play with your music and make your music more smooth and engaging. Functionality

  • Stem Separation- Upload audio and you will get a list of stem like bass, beats, and drums.
  • Transcription – Upload full audio and get a voice in the form of lyrics and use it as a subtitle.
  • Pitch shifter – Moises helps you to shift the pitch according to your needs.
  • Music segmentation: Segment your audio file by seeing the repeating patterns. Pricing

The pricing is divided with respect to the task performed by the user. You can see the below table to understand it better

Stems Separation$0.1/minute
Lyrics Transcription$0.07/minute
Beats and chords$0.07/minute
Music segmentation0.07/minute

Vocal Remover

It’s a free tool to separate vocals from music by creating karaoke.

This is the beauty of artificial intelligence, when you upload an audio file, it automatically detects the vocal and separates it from music.

Vocal remover gives a lot of functionality to play with the music.

These are some of the features available with Vocal Remover

  • Vocal Remover – It separates voice from music with deep learning techniques.
  • Splitter – It splits music into more than one parts
  • Speed and pitch changer – It will change the pitch and speed of your audio.
  • Audio Trimmer – It will cut and trim your audio.

Vocal Remover Pricing is absolutely free. Although it requires a cost to run this beautiful ai tool but vocal remover team decided to make this tool free of cost.

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Vocal Zap

This is an AI tool developed for iPhone users to remove vocal from any song

Apart from the iPhone app, this app has a plugin for Windows and Mac users.

Vocal Zap has a lot of features to play with

  • It can remove vocals from songs
  • You can toggle between vocals and Non-Vocals to compare the two.
  • You can use vocals for karaoke with your own tunes

Note: It has some limitations

You can look up lyrics for most of the songs but for iPhone users only

This app does not work on iOS 7

VocalZap Pricing

Vocal Zap is free for iPhone users. It’s a built-in plugin for Windows and Mac is also free.

Final Thoughts on Alternatives

we have mentioned the five alternatives of Some are absolutely free and some have less functionality in the free plan. All Ai tools are made for splitting vocals from audio with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You can see the features and choose any app based on your requirements.

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